I’m Daniel Kelly, a writer.

To pay the bills, I’ve been a copywriter & comms consultant for the NHS, Hatchards Bookshop, University of Oxford, Lloyds Banking Group, Human Rights Watch, London Film School, and a fair few more. In daydreams, I make a living by writing short stories, reviewing things I read & watch & listen to, and sharing bits of it all. I’m curious, passionate, and have ADHD.

Every Sunday since August 2022, I’ve shared a culturally omniverous journal.

So far, I have over 50 readers subscribed, reading about creative things that have inspired me, what I’ve been up to, and whatever else comes to mind.

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Daniel Kelly
Freelance writer currently working with the NHS. In the past: the UK’s oldest bookshop, biggest bank, and first film school. Aspiring short story writer & literary critic.